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Fastener Testing

Tensile Testing Metallurgical Laboratory provides fastener testing services for a wide variety of manufacturers in Northern Ohio. We perform certification testing on many different types of fasteners and materials. We test in accordance to ASTM, SAE, ISO, IFI , NASM, and DIN specifications.

Fastener Testing Capabilities

Tensile Testing now has 400K capacity in-house and carries out a variety of tests, including two specialty tests:

Common Tests

Other routine tests performed to common test methods (ASTM,  SAE, ISO, IFI, NASM, DIN, etc.) comprise of:

  • Wedge/Axial Tensile
  • Proofload
  • Cone Strip
  • Shear (Single or Double)
  • Torque Test
  • Drive Test
  • 24 Hour Heat Treat w/Hardness
  • Decarb
  • Grain Size
  • Salt Spray
  • Chemistry (OES & Leco)
  • For those companies that have their own testing machines we provide fixturing including: Washers, Wedges, and Adaptors.

    Tensile Testing can also handle through partnerships, including dimensional testing. 

    Our Testing Services

    Tensile Testing Metallurgical Laboratory is located in Cleveland, Ohio and provides the following specialized testing services:


    Specialized testing and services include consulting, failure analysis, reverse engineering service, fastener testing, scanning electron microscopy, welder qualification, materials and process problem solving,and miscellaneous tests on non-metallic materials.

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